We believe that the key to wholesaling is to understand our clients marketplace. We have been in the retail business for over 20 years and we commenced our online businesses over 11 years ago and have been able to source premium products that consumers want and have delivered value not just in terms of pricing but also in outstanding service.

Our mission in wholesale is to do what we have always done for ourselves, that is, get really great products, back them up with excellent pricing and marketing support and then make ordering from us as easy as possible. Some may say that our approach is too simplistic, however, we believe you don't need to complicate it. Our advantages are that as we buy in huge quantities and we can pass these savings onto you and your business. We believe that If you don't earn attractive profits then you will not be able to invest in either shelf space or marketing spend. We invest a lot in developing in-house software that allows us to make bespoke improvements and unique features to our ordering system. As users of other people's systems, we are often frustrated in just not being able to browse, pick and go. Thats why we are looking to shake things up a bit.

We are looking to distribute exclusive products from reputable manufacturers. Quite often many products have gone to market with very little branding support and then to make things worse the products have been given to people who have not maintained the value of the product and have simply sold them cut price on auction websites. To try to retain global positioning for the brands and to retain integrity in the products, we are being very selective on who we approve to buy from us. We refuse to sell at the expense of the brand.

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