Clear Pores Body Protection Cream

Acne sufferers are constantly looking for good products to help them control this usually embarrassing situation. ClearPores Body Protection Cream is a natural product that is designed especially for the body skin, which is acne-prone.

The difference between ClearPores Body Protection Cream and other products is that it is an oil-free formula, which can help inhibit the manifestation of blackheads and other spots. Furthermore it is packed with ingredients such as alpha and beta hyrdoxy acids, which are especially included to fight the acne source rather than the acne outcome. ClearPores Body Protection Cream is a moisturizer for your body; which apart from working to rid your clients from Acne, it can also help to keep their skin protected from further blemishes.

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  • Targets clients in the 18-30 age bracket
  • Attracts health conscious clients due to the natural herbs the product is made from
  • A very popular product that will market your salon through word of mouth promotion
  • Works to keep skin smooth and oil-free
  • Large profit margins that helps you earn more
  • Exclusive to Vitenza, distributor for the UK and Europe

Product Specification

  • Type : Cream
  • Quantity : 177ml
  • Direction : Use once per day
  • Delivery : 3-4 Days

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