Bathmate Hydromax X20

The Bathmate Hydromax X20 has been designed to help men gain girth expansion.

This hydropump has the same power as the X30 and X40. The difference is in the size, which makes it ideal for males with a smaller penis.

The suction of the Bathamate Hydromax X20 is more powerful than the Hercules and this is due to the Bellow Pump System, which makes its performance better and faster.

The newly fitted Super Flow Latch Valve System enables you to fill the Hydromax by utilising only one hand, making the positioning and usage of the hydropump much easier.

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  • Small but powerful
  • Help men gain girth expansion
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Authorised distributor for Europe and UK - Vitenza
  • Quick Delivery
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Product Specification

  • Type : Pump
  • No. Of Features : 3
  • Length Accomodated : 1-7.5 inches
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Delivery : Next day

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